What is an Agrihood?

Instead of development pushing agriculture further away from population centers, agrihoods enable development to preserve land for farming and gardening where people live. With an emphasis on health, food, educational opportunities, and access to nature where families grow and children play, Middlebrook champions this movement by creating an agrihood that honors the agricultural legacy of the Iowa region.

About Middlebrook

Middlebrook aims to build a vibrant network of neighborhoods for families of all ages that nourish community through healthy food, farming, lively local events, and diversified local businesses creating deep rooted pride and attachment to the land. Each of the tranquil residential neighborhoods have access to vibrant agricultural enclaves, natural parks, and trail connectivity as well as the convenience of a pedestrian-focused town center.

In 2019, Middlebrook relocated and refurbished a historic timber frame barn, making it a focal point of Middlebrook Farm and activity lawn. This charming barn opens to a sprawling green area, offering an ideal setting to embrace the Agrihood and connect with agriculture.

As well, in 2022, Middlebrook restored a historic one-room 1900 schoolhouse that once provided kindergarten through high school education. Restored and preserved to maintain its original character by Diligent Development, The Mercantile now serves as a centerpiece for our commercial area, just as it once served as a centerpiece for the rural town of Cumming.

Middlebrook Book

Embark on a journey through the vision and soul of Middlebrook with our 126-page guide tailored for home buyers, builders, developers, business owners, and anyone curious about this vibrant community.

Explore the walkability of our community, catch a glimpse of our future visions, and understand the scope and scale that makes Middlebrook a unique destination. Delve into the charming agricultural enclaves that give Middlebrook its distinctive character, and uncover the rich history of Cumming that forms the foundation of our community.

Discover the concept of agrihoods across the country and witness how Middlebrook stands out with its own signature blend of rural charm and modern living. While plans and visions have evolved over time, this book serves as a snapshot, providing an in-depth overview of everything Middlebrook.


The Vision

Middlebrook aims to create a walkable community with every amenity within reach to support neighbors and the larger community while preserving the integrity of Cumming and agriculture. Middlebrook will be a place where families at all stages of life can come together and grow while respecting the land for future generations.

  1. Wilson's Orchard & Ciderhouse

  2. Middlebrook Meadow, Coming 2024

  3. Casey's & Middlebrook West Commercial

  4. Great Western Bike Trail

  5. Iowa Distilling

  1. Town Center, Coming 2025

  2. Fridays at the Farm

  3. The Farmhouse, Restoration Coming 2024

  4. Middlebrook Farm

  5. Middlebrook Mercantile

  1. Market Hall, Coming Soon

  2. Homestead Townhomes

  3. The Villas

  4. Great Western Crossing Neighborhood

  5. Mayor Tom Becker Park

  6. Middlebrook AirBnB

Middlebrook Messenger

The Middlebrook Messenger is a community newspaper published three times a year. Grab a physical copy at the Mercantile or Fridays at the Farm or click below to read online.

In The News

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